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About us

Flowers in New York – World Flowers by Tati

Each person has his own dream to which he aspires; his life plans,which he carries out; the goals that he achieves…

Divine beauty of nature, my love for her, for everything beautiful and wonderful; to the mysterious beauty of flowers, plants – all this led me to open my own florist company “World Flowers by Tati”.

Before that there was a long life path… Living in Ukraine, my family for over 50 years, from generation to generation, was engaged in the manufacture of handmade wedding accessories, decoration of celebrations and various parties.I am a follower of family traditions.

Moving to live in the United States, I realized another dream of mine – to continue my work here in New York.

Composing your own flower arrangements, bouquet; various handmade jewelry for various holidays and celebrations – I’m very responsible, creative,with a non-standard and individual approach.

My Motto is “Bring People Joy, Love and Happiness”!

The client’s desire for me is the Law.

Welcome to the company ‘World Flowers By Tati’.